Car Ports and Patio Roofs

Stylish and versatile

Scotengineering are authorised agents for the AMO Group range of Products.

The Lakeland Patio Roof suits a variety of applications, including patio and garden covers for the home and outside dining or smoking shelters for bars, cafes and restaurants. The permanent roof system is also an ideal all weather solution for nurseries and schools to increase functionality of outdoor play spaces.

The all weather permanent roof can also provide a unique carport solution. This simple but robust design can cover wide areas with a maximum width of 7000 mm in one section but can be joined to acheive a longer width, and a maximum projection of 4000mm. If you do not have a garage this is the perfect protective and attractive solution for the conscientious vehicle owner.

Spacious and durable

The Lakeland Roof spans a maximum width of 7000 mm in one section, making it ideal for large spaces or as a covered walkway. Strong and durable aluminium structure, with your choice of glass or polycarbonate roof

The Lakeland roof is suitable for a wide variety of uses, including:

Patio Roof

Make the most of outdoor living with a permanent and stylish garden or patio cover.


The protective, attractive and simple carport solution ideal for the conscientious car-owner.

Jacuzzi-Hot Tub

The Lakeland patio cover enables you to utilise your Jacuzzi all year round!


Create a covered walkway from your back door to your car or garage